Joomshaper’s 7 years evolution [infographic]

JoomShaper is one of the leading Premium Joomla and WordPress template provider, serving more than 80 thousand happy clients worldwide. Kawshar Ahmed is the founder & CEO of JoomShaper. To know more details about Kawshar you can read this article also.

This is our very first attempt to showcase a company’s evolution through infographic and blog post. The main reason behind this article is to inspire our self along with the upcoming generation full of determination to start own business and be someone like Kawsher Ahmed. By the end of this post, you will know almost every important facts/aspects about JoomShaper’s awesome journey! From just a bedroom (2010) to one of today’s nicest IT office (2017) in Dhaka, it is a huge transformation indeed.

JoomShaper at 2010 & 2011 (1st & 2nd Year):

Officially in June 2010, Kawsher started JoomShaper as the CEO & Founder. In 2010 & 2011, he organized all background process of starting his business with full acceleration. All he had himself as the only member of Joomshaper and his bedroom as a workstation back then!

JoomShaper at 2012 (3rd Year):

From April 2012, JoomShaper started their office at Multiplan Center, on the 11th floor which was about 700 sqft. Spectra template and some other popular template have been released within this year. In 2012, JoomShaper had 6 members in total. Here are some office & team members snaps of  JoomShaper at 2012.


JoomShaper at 2013(4th Year):

January 2013, JoomShaper revamped their official website. If you are interested in having a look at the 2013 website then you can check from here. First and new experience is always excited and memorable. Lots of memorable moments took place at 2013 for JoomShaper. For example: revamping the website, Helix for WordPress, Sponsored at “Introduction of the Web Seminar 2013”, iMac for the team, new and bigger office inauguration, featured on & much more. In this year, Joomshaper had 8 members in total.

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JoomShaper at 2014 (5th Year):

January 2014, JoomShaper has been featured on Tech Shohor & Priyo. To rebooting office, added PS4 & 32″ TV for the entertainment of team members. That was the year they have sponsored Behance Bangladesh event which is dedicated to UI/UX designer of Bangladesh. They arrange a big party for their four years anniversary celebration where several popular people joined and wished them. And many more things happened within this year like annual official photo session which was really awesome. In this year, Joomshaper had 10 members in total.

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JoomShaper at 2015(6th Year):

Another big year for JoomShaper is 2015. In this year, Starter template has been chosen as one of the best free WordPress themes of the year 2014. Started ShapeBootstrap in the 5th year anniversary.


In September 2015, JoomShaper registered a company under the Delaware State of US. This year, Nayem Majhar has been promoted as CTO which is a new and a remarkable starting for JoomShaper, has been featured on How I Work website, sponsored by Joomla World Conference 2015 & many more things. In this year, Joomshaper had 15 members in total.

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JoomShaper at 2016(7th Year):

Last year, one of the big achievements of JoomShaper was to move to a new office, a sweet big home for the team members.

Also this year, Kawshar received “Uddokta Shommamona” award organized BDOSN. Also featured on HiFi Public as “The Outstanding Tech Personalities Of 2015” & “Looking Back At 2015: The Top 10 Bangladeshi Startups“. Featured on Magazine.Joomla.Org. Featured on Daily Prothom Alo first page which was another biggest achievement for IT industry of Bangladesh as well as for the team of JoomShaper. At the end of 2016, JoomShaper had more than 17 members.

JoomShaper at 2017 Continue (8th Year):

In June 2017, JoomShaper won JAB17 – J.O.S.C.A.R 2017: the best Joomla template framework award for the Helix3 framework.

At 2017, JoomShaper with their awesome team is going with full speed to design & develop more stunning templates. Their another vision is to improve UI/UX and help Joomla community to grow. Till now, JoomShaper has 22+ team members and it’s  growing.

So to have a overview of JoomShaper from 2010 to 2017 “Audacity IT Solutions” has designed the infographic below, so that you can have a clear and quick understanding about the evolution of JoomShaper.

Joomshaper Infographic by Audacity IT Solutions Ltd
We always want more and more success story like JoomShaper in Bangladesh IT history. And we want to grow together. If this article helps you then we will post more article in future.