Turn your idea into a business!

What is is one of the new but trusted mobile application templates. Having a dedicated team of professionals, is trying to provide excellent quality templates and all sort of templates related services for the items purchased from us.

With a buyer protection of 100 percent money back guarantee within 30 business days for any purchase and a great after sales support system, this is by far one of the best choices for mobile application template shopping.

What kinds of templates are available here? is currently working with three premium mobile application template. The templates are,

  • Finder: directory based application template,
  • Foodviser: online food ordering application template,
  • Audacity IT: marketing app template.

Among theses, Finder — a well organized directory-based application template gained in total respectively over 128 and 38 sales for its androidand iOS version on codecanyon. Maybe the number is not that great yet but surely a decent amount for a new company.

How is different from others?

There are so many facts that differ from others, but the main key points we would like to share is,

  • Minimalistic design sense
  • Modern code

Now, anyone can make their own application without having any development skills at all! How cool is that!

Besides, our friendly support team is available to help customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are really putting their best efforts to assist customers in every possible way.

What is our strength & weakness?

Well, most of the marketplaces are selling prototype apps or maybe 1-2 specific platforms products (either android or iOS version) rather than selling the complete package! This is our main strength.

Every template we sell is a complete package which is fully deployable within the possibly shortest amount of time. So, providing the complete package to our clients and making them feel completely hassle free is our key strength.

But, we believe having strength is not the only point we should discuss about, finding weaknesses and working on them is another important agenda for every marketplaces or company out there. And as like other marketplaces, also has some weaknesses. But the main weakness which is really important to get over is our documentation part.

Documentation is very important for mobile application templates. Users get confused even if the product is outstanding but comes without proper documentation. Definitely we do not want to make our valuable customers confused and that’s why we are trying really hard to overcome this issue.

Our dedicated team is already working on the PDF and video documentation, which we think will provide great support in upcoming future.

What would I get with every purchase? is a company where you will be satisfied the way we take care of our products as well as our clients. We are very serious and passionate about our product and always try to maintain mainly four phases which helped us to attract our clients. The phases we always try to maintain is,

  • Pre development (Basic UI/UX) — At first we collect all the data from clients to make the basic UI/UX changes in our app templates.
  • Development — On this phase, we change the codes as per clients demand.
  • Deployment — After completing the full product you purchased from us, we take the full responsibility to deploy your product in your hosting, Google Play Store and App Store.
  • After Sales Service/Support — Our dedicated support team members are always there to help you with necessary informations.

Just not that, if you buy any product from, as a full product you will have the complete package. Which means you will get the source code of android, iOS & web, admin panel from where you can customize and make all sort of changes necessary, high-quality PSD and PNG files to assist you in future customization, fast deployment facilities, documentation and of course the necessary tutorials.

What is the payment process?

Currently, as a payment method, only supports PayPal. PayPal is one of the most secured payment method that almost everyone is using today.

Besides, where buying products online getting very tedious nowadays, we can completely assure your online payment privacy. We do not store any payment information on our server.

Tell us how you support your customers? has a dedicated and professional support team. This enthusiastic and support team ensures every kind of support related to purchased product from our company any time through email, Skype or video instructions.

What is the long term vision of

Currently, is selling its own product but the main vision is to create a platform by using which any mobile app template developer from anywhere in the world can sell their quality products and can earn money.

Another vision of is to make an automated service process for clients. This will make the whole process lot more easier and time saving clients.

What if you fail to fulfill my expectations? offers 100% money back guarantee within 30 business days from product purchase on our following terms & conditions!

Article written by Abir Hasan, Technical Content Manager of Audacity IT Solutions.