7 Easy Steps in Choosing the Right Software Development Partner

If you’re a business in need for a software, the biggest question that must be gnawing you is this: How do I find the right software development partner; someone who is able, trustworthy and reliable?

“Audacity IT Solutions Ltd” will discuss 7 easy ways to do just that!

1. Choose the Right Place.

This will be the most significant in creating a framework for success. Not all places cradle a multitude of renowned software development firms; only some do. Your first job will be to find one of these, and do relevant research. Your location will determine the costs involved and the approach of work.

All companies will have varying facilities and offers, ranging from work approaches to hourly rates, collaboration models etc. Gather preliminary information from Google. App development agencies tend to be ambiguous in their descriptions which may hinder your search. So keep your word choice as specific to your requirements as possible; this improves the likelihood of obtaining desired results.

Factors to consider when choosing a location:

  • Charge per hour: Depending on the costs, you may choose whichever location meets your budget plan.
  • Time zone:  While charge per hour may be lowest in India or Pakistan, you should also consider the difference in time zones, and whether the company with support you with flexible working hours or not.
  • Languages: Similarly, you should also consider whether there are any language barriers involved, i.e. whether your partner can effectively and fluently communicate with you, so that there is no chance of misinterpretations or communication gaps.
  •  Quality of work: Quality wise, Eastern Europe or Latin America would serve as a good choice considering the large pool of talented and highly competitive engineers, management and staff. Although their accents may vary, language is less likely to be an issue and you will get to communicate with the development team.


  • Consider going local: Especially for those in USA, UK and Australia, if budget isn’t too big of an issue, you could consider opting for a local partner, which will allow better collaboration and communication given the similarity in cultural values, language and time zone.


You can check FAQ section from company’s website to get above question’s answers like this

For example, mobile development companies may charge the following per hour: 

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan: $10-$25 

Eastern Europe: $25-$40 

Western Europe: $40-$60 

Onshore US Companies: $120-$160

2. Take recommendations; Read reviews.

Utilize one of the cheapest, and easiest way of obtaining information about the best software development company: just ask! This is when your networking will come in handy, as one of these very professionals will have contact or experience working with application /web development companies. Amidst mixed reviews, you will have to choose: be reasonable; be decisive.

Additionally, search social media for the same people you have been recommended, read reviews online and get to know them. This will provide you with invaluable insights to your future partners.

3. Scan catalogues and directories

This is another easy way to find experts in the field.  Catalogues and directories will usually have conducted extensive research prior to publishing a ranking. They will thus be very meticulous about the rankings and a reliable source of information.

Highly ranked companies with more exposure generally care more about their work, their customers and reputation.

You can even find some catalogues which propose services to contact, pitch and even pay for your projects. Some of these catalogues are

  • Agency Spotter
  • Appfutura
  • Blur Group
  • Clutch.co
  • Crunchbase
  • TheyMakeApps
  • BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services)

4. Pay attention to the design, and details.

To make sure your users can connect and engage with your software, you have to make sure your partner is an expert in UI/UX design and development. Contact companies whose plan includes UI/UX design costs. We also suggest your partner works through wire-framing, prototyping and mock-ups.

For example: Behance – Audacity IT Solutions & Dribble – Audacity IT Solutions

5. See Product Portfolios.

Many portfolios of public projects may be available on the company websites. To assess the quality of design of your prospective partner, take a look at the Dribbble and Behance portfolios.

Freelancers and excellent software developers have some of their best works on display  there, so take your time to browse through it all.

Next, establish contact and inquire about prices, duration for completion of the work, etc.  You should now have sufficient information to narrow down your choices to about 5 to 7 companies. If you don’t, continue with your research.

6. Ask for an estimate; assess offers.

The process of choosing the right software development company is multifactorial, so cost shouldn’t be your number one concern. You want it to be cost-effective, not cheap.

One conversation is all it will take to know whether the company on your shortlist is worth the price they demand.

So contact the companies on your list; ask them to quote a price. Ensure that they have all the required information so that you can have an accurate estimate. See who reaches out to you first with an offer, and how quickly. The sooner they do (typically a few hours if you had emailed), the more dedicated they are to their work and will be to your project.See whether their offer is feasible, well thought out and designed.

Good companies also take care to assign each client a manager, to ensure smooth flow in business, prompt communication and best experience for both parties.

7. Make the final choice.

Now that you have the list of companies, with their corresponding cost estimates, it’s time to make the big decision. But how? The best way to compare would be to organise these data into tables, and checking which one meets most of the criteria you desire. Allocate some time getting to know the teams, their work approaches and ethics.

If all these criteria are fulfilled – you’re satisfied with the budget, the timings, the people – you have probably found the best candidate to be your software development partner.